A solid, movable platform bound for the future

Amendo is a Norwegian supplier of cash register systems, online store and payment solutions for small and medium-sized companies in Norway. They came to us because they wanted to appear more progressive, professional and attractive to their target audience. Initially, what they wanted was a logo evolution and a new visual identity. What we ended up with was a brand strategy platform, a creative concept and a new logo and visual identity.
Nobody likes change. Until it gives results. Amendo wanted to be their customers' safe anchor in an ever so moving world. Their customers have to focus on their business, and the payment system should be so smooth that they don't even think about it. Amendo is the safe platform for their customers, ensuring they are lifted up and forward into the future without even realising. Amendo is the change they need to make their future better.

'A solid, but movable platform' is the creative concept and peg to hang everything on. From the logo symbol, to graphic elements, and animation.
Amendo promo video

"We noticed in a fairly short time the effect of a clearer visual expression. Incoming requests have increased by more than 50% after we carried out rebranding with a new identity – we have probably underestimated the strength of this for several years."

Bendik Bergan
Co-owner and Sales Manager, Amendo Group

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